So you are sick and tired of your anxieties controlling you and dictating things in your life. Come join me to start taking back the control and stopping anxiety from being in the drivers seat. As a Mum, life is so busy and life is short, so learn some techniques with me to ensure you are living the life you want.

This course is designed in 2 parts. Firstly watch the videos in this training area and complete the actions is discuss. Then, book your 1 2 1 call with me where we can talk specifically about your anxieties and I will teach you how to start taking back control.

Look forward to working with you. Love Rach x

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Available in days
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Hey, I'm Rachel Smith

Are you struggling with anxiety?

I've designed this Anxiety Busting course to support you as a working mum.

So often as a coach I say to people "I wish every mum knew this stuff!"... so this is what I have done. This short course teaches you some of what I consider great tools to know, that will help you manage your anxieties and the general crazy life that can come with being a working mum.

Take some time out to listen to the learnings on this course, invest time in yourself and let your knew found knowledge improve your future.

Also, it's made for working mums..... I know you're busy! So I have designed the videos so they are short and easy to listen to at a time that's good for you.

Once you have watched these videos, book in your call with me and lets start getting you in control of your anxieties.

You will always have access to this online part of the course so if anxiety starts to creep in again you can come straight back to this course :-)

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Anxiety Busting Workshop

Let me support you to control your anxieties, not let anxiety control you.

Anxiety doesn't need to dictate how you live your life. You only have one life... live it
Love Rach x

Are you living with anxiety or fear? Let me teach you the difference