This call is all about YOU

Are you ready to accelerate your success and plan your next career steps?

Do you want to change your career path?

Do you want to explore your career options?

When we become Mums our priorities change and sometimes that means we want our careers to change too. Working out what needs to change to can sometimes feel daunting and it is so much easier when talking it through with someone else.

A call like this (nearly 10 years ago!) changed my career for life and is THE BEST thing I ever did, as it set me up to start down a career path I was so much happier with. Staying in a job that doesn't fit your Mummy life or a job you hate because it does fit Mummy life is simply not an option, life is way too short for that!

As a Master Practitioner and NLP coach I now specialise in supporting Mums find their purposeful career. This 60min call is one of self discovery and action. It's all about you and putting you as the priority, not something we do often as Mums hey?

I have also added some online support materials for you in addition to our call, take them or leave them but they are my gift to you, Love Rachel x

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